Eyelash Extension Training


Our one-day, hands-on training courses are designed to certify licensed cosmetologists and estheticians in the art of eyelash extensions. Each Master Educator is certified to fully equip each student with the knowledge and products to launch their career. Class sizes are kept smaller to encourage a more intimate setting, which allows each student one-on-one time with their educator. Lulu Lash Training courses cover all aspects of becoming a successful lash artist including: lash anatomy, theory, health and sanitation guidelines, eyelash application, and aftercare practices.


(1 day course) $1,195.00

Includes a professional lash extension kit, student manual, and certificate of completion.

Our Classic Eyelash Extension course focuses on the classic lashing technique, and is designed to help you learn and understand the fundamentals of becoming a lash artist. This classic course teaches precision, focus, and precise skill. You will learn everything you need to know to start your own practice, grow your own business, and succeed with your new skills that have become superior to others in your industry. In this course, learn theory, hands-on technical practice, live model demonstration, and hands-on technical practice.

Classic Course Curriculum:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Set Up / Safety / Sanitation
  • Eye Anatomy
  • Common Irritations
  • Common Infections
  • Taping
  • Taping the Brow
  • The Eyelash Growth Cycle
  • How to Hold Your Tweezers
  • Isolation
  • Eyelash Adhesive
  • Adhesive Ingredients
  • Caring for Your Adhesive
  • Allergies Vs Irritations
  • Nano Mister
  • Applying Extensions
  • Correcting Lashes
  • Removing Extensions
  • Aftercare & Cleansing Lashes
  • Extension Types
  • Curls / Lengths / Diameters
  • Client Consultation / Consent Form
  • Eye Shapes
  • Creating Blueprints
  • Basic Technique
  • Fill Technique
  • Troubleshooting
  • Commission vs Booth Rent
  • Marketing your Business
  • Charging for Your Services
  • Sample Cancellation Policy


(1 day course) $795.00

Includes a lash extension kit with our favorite professional products and supplies, student manual, and certificate of completion.

The content covered in the Master Eyelash Extension Course is designed to heighten your skill level and give you a jump-start on your eyelash extension career. You will gain confidence and speed as you learn additional techniques for perfect bonding, improved isolation, efficiency, and eyelash design. You will learn tips and strategies for working with challenging lashes and challenging situations. This class offers you more personalized instruction from the trainer and includes additional lashing observation time. Students are required to bring the tweezers and adhesive they are currently working with.

Master Course Curriculum:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Parts of the Eye
  • Common Irritations & Infections
  • What Is Volume?
  • Extension Types
  • Curls / Lengths / Diameters
  • Taping
  • Taping the Lid
  • Lash Growth Cycle
  • Tweezers
  • How to Hold Your Tweezers
  • Fan Qualities
  • Fan Weight Chart
  • Refining Your Skill Set
  • Fan Making 101
  • Adhesive Ingredients
  • Caring for Your Adhesive
  • Allergies vs Irritations
  • Nano Mister
  • Adhesive Usage
  • Fan Placement & The Wrap
  • Removing Lash Extensions
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • Basic Technique
  • Fill Technique
  • Consultation / Sample Consent Form
  • Eye Shapes
  • Creating Blueprints
  • Adding Bones
  • Troubleshooting
  • Building Your Business
  • Commission Vs Booth Rent
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Charging for Your Services


Master the art of Classic Eyelash Extensions, Advanced Eyelash Extension Mastery, or a combination of both in a personalized, exclusive training session tailored specifically to your salon. Standardize your salon technique and make every one of your lash artists in-demand.

Lulu Beauty Academy salon trainings are ideal for salons and spas looking to add professional eyelash extension services to their menu, or a lash lounge wanting to get all staff performing at an elite level. In a salon training, a Lulu Beauty Academy educator will train up to 15 staff in our eyelash extension method that has prepared students to become professionally trained lash artists. Salon trainings include comprehensive coverage of theory, eye health, sanitation, isolation, application, styling, aftercare and more, in the comfort of your own professional space.

Your salon can choose to be trained in classic or advanced lashing, or a combination of both.

We know training all your employees can be a huge investment both in time and money. This is why we give large savings of up to 30% for large salon groups!

We want to partner with you to ensure:

  • Your lash artists are operating at a skill level where they can charge top dollar in your market
  • Your salon profits increase from our training
  • Your staff are challenged, happy, and growing as artists

Our private salon training includes:

  • Private education with a Lua Beauty Academy Educator in your salon
  • 1 kit and manual per student (choose from classic or mixed kits)
  • 16 hours of lash education by our Master trainers (over 2 days)
  • A document of completion to show each staff has completed 16 hours of lash education, and final certification (classic, volume, lash lift) once staff have met company standards for application, adhesive control, direction, and lash safety via email and/or Skype.


Details Price
2-day Salon Training for up to 5 people (with Classic Lashing kits) $10,000
2-day Salon Training for up to 8 people (with Classic Lashing kits) $15,000
2-day Salon Training for up to 15 people (with Classic Lashing kits) $20,000