Women’s Only Salon Ann Arbor, MI

Private Salon for Women of the Muslim Religion

We are a women’s only salon located on Ann Arbor, Michigan. We believe that going to the salon should be an experience and not a chore, whether you want privacy to avoid awkward encounters with men, want some open conversation, or looking for a place to practice your religion comfortably and still have fun at the salon! We are here to make your salon visit enjoyable!

Reasons you should come to our private salon:


Women can receive all salon services with privacy from men.
(for example: a woman getting her mustache waxed in front of a man is quite embarrassing)


Women who cover their hair from men for religious reasons often have to get their hair done in a closet or in the employee break room at unisex salons - at Lulu you get to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and aren't excluded from a quality experience.

Great Conversation

The conversations we have are different when men aren't around. Women can speak openly and honestly with one and other here and the salon banter is honest and fun!

You can Relax

No men or children means women can relax and not have to worry about anyone but themselves. When children aren't around, we can better control the relaxation and enjoyment of our clients.

Personal Touch

Having a place that is just for women makes for a much more exclusive environment. This will allow us to give your salon experience a personal touch that you deserve and allows us to focus our full attention to detail.