Makeup Artistry Courses



Lulu Academy Makeup Artistry courses are designed for those who are serious about making makeup artistry their career, and for those MUA's who are looking to attain mastery. You will learn all the essentials and advanced techniques you need to know to become the best in your selected fields. Each of the school's instructors is a professional, and are all currently working in the industry of their craft. The instructors include board-certified educators, photographers, and media makeup artists. The instructors' first-hand, professional knowledge of their industry is passed directly on to the students. By offering professional instruction in all areas of makeup artistry, we prepare the students to be able to accept work in all avenues of the industry, including editorial, bridal, theatrical, media, clinical and more.


Includes a Professional Makeup kit, student manual, and certificate of completion.

The Lulu Academy Professional Makeup Artist Course is suitable for those that have the basic knowledge of makeup or for those that are already working in the industry who want to further their skills. This 2-day course provides comprehensive training in: prepping the face, perfecting & sculpting the face, perfecting lips, perfecting cheeks, making eyes, natural beauty, mineral makeup, creative classics, modern trends, vintage beauty, and catwalk looks.